Costa Rica Will Face IACHR Next Month

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    Next month the country will face a trial before the International Court of Human Rights (IACHR), because the deputies in Congress failed to reach a point of agreement to pass legislation on the practice of in vitro fertilization (IVF).

    Although the Commission gave the country several extensions for the approval of a regulatory framework on the process of assisted reproduction, in the Legislative Assembly the deputies decided to file the case in a close vote of 25 deputies in favor and 26 against.

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    Because of this, 18 people filed lawsuits against the state; because they believe their rights to have a family were violated.

    For the public, the resolution will be the rehabilitation of IVF law in the country and will eliminate the prohibition decreed by the Constitutional Court. Further, the position currently held in Costa Rica has no legal basis as there are several obligations regarding the American Convention on Human Rights. A legal council said “what we hope is that the Court rehabilitate that right. Now the issue of how it will regulate and regulate IVF is a separate issue (…), all agree that embryos should not be marketed, with the embryos cannot be destroyed. ”

    For his part, Rep. Costa Rican Renovation Party, Justo Orozco said, “We are committed to these international conventions and (…) We must abide by the decision given us (…) My position has been a little more tolerant because I know cases of friends who have tried all methods of procreation and it has not worked. ” Deputy Orozco said it was not well received that international organizations dictate what should be done at home.

    Costa Rica is among the few nations around the world that prohibits IVF, along with Libya and Afghanistan. Costa Rica has always prohibited IVF. In 2000 a Constitutional Court ruling prohibited this method in Costa Rica, before that year in 15 people had used this technique here in Costa Rica.

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