Nicaragua Summit of Managua Integration System (SICA) to Commemorate 25th Anniversary of Esquipulas II

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    Nicaragua President Daniel Ortega announced that next Wednesday Nicaragua will host a summit of Managua Integration System (SICA) to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Esquipulas II, which instituted peace in Central America, media reported Saturday officers.

    “It will be a time to commit to the battle that we fight for peace in Central America, and highlight the peace accords signed in Esquipulas, Guatemala,” Ortega said at a ceremony private party night Friday, according to the official website.

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    Ortega, however, did not say which heads of states will accompany members of SICA summit in Managua, the report said official.

    On the peace agreement signed on August 7, 1987 in the Guatemalan city of Esquipulas, Ortega recognized in former President Vinicio Cerezo of Guatemala to the person “who decided to call (this meeting), this meeting without conditions, it was the more important. ” Continuing, ortega said Central America is “more than committed to peace.”

    On August 7, 1987 the then presidents of Costa Rica Oscar Arias, El Salvador, Jose Napoleon Duarte, Honduras, José Azcona, Cherry and Ortega signed an agreement that laid the foundation of the end of the war raging in Central America.

    The same year Arias received the Nobel Peace Prize for his role in the negotiation process for the pacification of Central America, were bloody conflict that left hundreds of thousands dead and missing.

    With the so-called Esquipulas II Agreement, each country of the region began a process of “national reconciliation” that included talks and amnesties, there was a cessation of hostilities and the presidents pledged to strengthen democracy and to hold “free elections”. As well, the governments of other regions were asked not to fund irregular forces or insurgent movements.

    In commemoration of these agreements, Managua will also host the seminar next Tuesday “Esquipulas II 25 years later, between social peace and new challenges for the development of Central America”, addressed by the former vice president of Guatemala Roberto Carpio Nicolle, and the former head Army of Nicaragua, and Humberto Ortega, the Nicaraguan president’s brother.


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