Costa Rica Urges the Americas to Eliminate Child Labor

    To become the first region in the world fully free of this social problem

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    Costa Rica today called on the Americas to become the first region in the world free of child labor, in a virtual event held by the International Labor Organization (ILO). When participating in the Launch of the International Year for the Elimination of Child Labor (2021) in the Americas, Costa Rica, highlighted the timeliness of this celebration in such difficult times that the region and the world are going through due to COVID-19.

    “The effects of the Pandemic are not limited to the health sphere, but also to the economic and social sphere, for which it is necessary to meditate on the importance of strengthening the protection of our children and adolescents. It is not possible for children to be deprived of the right to study, to limit the full exercise of their human rights when entering the labor market with the intention of supporting their families”, the Costa Rican representatives stated.

    Protecting our children

    This situation further aggravates the reality in such difficult times, since a country that does not protect its childhood compromises its future, therefore, we must remain united, fight against this scourge and not lose the north with respect to compliance with the Target 8.7 to end child labor by 2025. “We believe that as a region we have set an example of unity for the world, so let’s show that it is possible to become the first zone in the world free of child labor,” they stressed.

    The Costa Rican Presidential office indicates that ending child labor and guaranteeing fundamental rights for children and adolescents has been at the heart of the ILO’s decent work agenda since its inception in 1919.

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