Costa Rica Tops Yet Another Index As Most Transparent Budget In Latin America

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    San Jose [TCRN] – The Latin American Index of Budget Transparency 2011 (ILTP), released today in San Jose Costa Rica shows Costa Rica is the most transparent budget level in Latin America. The Latin American Index of Budget Transparency (ILTP) is produced every two years since 2001.

    Second and third place go to Ecuador and Mexico respectively.

    Costa Rica leads Latin America with 59% transparency. Ecuador, second was 52%, while in the third place was Mexico (45%), then Guatemala (44%).

    Venezuela, with a score of 22% has the least transparent budget in Latin America, according to the ILTP.

    The Latin American Index of Budget Transparency study is derived from 79 experts in the region and they evaluated 16 variables in the information.

    The report gave some reasoning behind Cost Rica being regional leaders in budget transparency stating Costa Rica has sufficient regulations to comply with international standards in this area, which includes accountability criteria, allowing control citizen, at least in part, on the performance of public officials.

    The ILTP recommended Costa Rica improve evaluation reports and as well provide public access to improve oversight and public confidence.


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