Costa Rica, the Ideal Destination for Medical Tourism

    Recognized globally for its high-quality health care

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    Considered one of the oldest democracies in Latin America, Costa Rica has invested heavily in its social welfare and education. This is demonstrated by levels of development that are among the highest in the world, including a life expectancy of almost 79 years and 98% literacy. When you visit Costa Rica and discover it as a tourist it is also readily available for your health needs. With so many things this country has to offer, you are sure to find happiness. So we can understand more about the characteristics that make Costa Rica an ideal medical tourism destination.

    Medical tourism, a key factor to attract tourists

    Costa Rica’s challenge is to consolidate the image of a peaceful country where it is possible to travel safely for medical interventions and where patients find technology, knowledge, and the necessary health facilities.

    Health specialists must consider several strategies to maintain competitive prices, quality treatments, and complimentary services that facilitate the stay and recovery of their patients. There are medical centers that have many strategies and offer tour operators, since generally foreigners who visit the country not only stay for treatment, they also take the opportunity to visit touristic places and thus extend their stay. It is a challenge where the tourist feels safe and attended.

    The benefits of medical tourism in our country

    Affordability and cost-effectiveness: The low cost of medical procedures is the number one reason people come for medical treatments. The savings are between 30% and 80% of the cost that you would normally pay. Although the treatments are inexpensive, the surgical procedures are performed by well-trained experts using top-notch technology. The lower costs of insurance and administration also contribute to the decrease in the prices of medical procedures abroad.

    High-quality healthcare: Many of the doctors and surgeons who provide healthcare services to international patients are trained and certified in Western countries, such as the United States and Great Britain. Medical Centers have acquired accreditation from well-known International organizations such as JCI, JCAHO, and ISO to express their dedication to excellence. Some medical institutes and centers are members of the NIH (US National Institutes of Health) which is a federal agency that provides leadership and financial support to researchers in the field of medicine and health.

    Types of medical tourism procedures

    Costa Rica has highly qualified doctors and dentists, many with training in the United States and most with good command of the English language. Even though these professionals can be found throughout the Costa Rican territory, most of the procedures are carried out in San José, where the best clinics and hospitals are located. From dental treatments to plastic surgeries a wide range of medical procedures is offered. And finally, traveling to Costa Rica for medical treatment will allow you to explore our beautiful country.

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