The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – Today, Reuters reported that Costa Rica gave testimony to a United Nations court stating that Nicaragua’s illegal dredging has caused damage to protected wetlands at the mouth of the San Juan River on the Caribbean Sea and also that the area been previously designation as Costa Rican territory.

The long running dispute since the mid 1850’s over the border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua has rekindled since 2010.

A 2011 ruling by the International Court of Justice has seen numerous appeals from both sides seeking further clarification.

The dredging of the protected wetlands at the mouth of the San Juan at the Caribbean Sea, has been ruled to be a threat to a delicate eco-system. Earlier this month Costa Rica undertook work to repair the damage to the wetlands.

Nicaragua is to present their case on Thursday of this week, will continue to state that Costa Rica violated its territorial boundary police boats along the San Juan River.

Costa Rica which has the rights of transport along the San Juan River, has been previously banned from deploying police along the river.

Originally reported on Reuters

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