Costa Rica Takes the Gold at Nicaragua Surf Competition

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    Costa Rica came out victorious with eight of the eleven possible gold medals at the Surf Competition in Nicaragua on December 7.

    Panamá, El Salvador  Nicaragua and Costa Rica competed for the Title.

    For the 10th consecutive year since 2006, Costa Rica beat the Juegos Centroamericanos de Surf. On this occasion the Competition was at Playa Maderas de San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. Four Latin American countries fought for the title: Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, and El Salvador.

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    Costa Rica won almost all the categories with 8 out of 11 gold medals, — but their luck didn’t stop there. The Costa Rican athletes also won five silver medals, three bronze medals and two copper medals for a total of 16, resting the other four to Nicaraguan competitors.

    New Competitor Takes SUP Race Gold

    For the first time competing in the Central American Surf Games, Rolando Herrera Siles won the Men’s Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) Race.

    Herrera says: “I was training for two weeks in Mexico, a lot of cardio and hours on the surfboard working on technique. For this competition, I knew the off-shore winds… might gust up to 16 knots. Such conditions are my weak point, but I was mentally set on winning and giving Costa Rica this medal for the first time in the history of this sport.”

    And win it he did.

    Rolando humbly continues:

    [quote_center]”It will always be an honor for me to represent Costa Rica.”[/quote_center]

    Returning Champion Continues Streak

    Five-time competitor Jason Torres won gold in the Masculine Open, giving him the record for the most medals won in the adults category. On his Facebook page he expressed the joy for winning the Competition, also how the Costa Rican crew was so strong competing together too. Finally he dedicated the award to his family, his wife, sons and sponsors.

    The Juegos Centroamericanos de Surf are expected to take place in Costa Rica next year. Will they be able to continue their streak on home turf?

    Final Results:

    Men’s Open

    1. Jason Torres – CR
    2. David Herrera – CR
    3. Anthony Fillingim – CR
    4. Jackson Obando – NIC

    Men’s Sub 18

    1. Jackson Obando – NIC
    2. Leonardo Calvo – CR
    3. Esteban Chávez – CR
    4. Lorenzo Winstrom – CR

    Men’s Sub 16

    1. Oscar Urbina – CR
    2. Isauro Elizondo – PAN
    3. Bryan Alas Pérez – SAL
    4. Joseph Méndez – CR

    Men’s SUP Race

    1. Rolando Herrera – CR (58:02:17)
    2. Francisco Potoy – NIC (59:11:02)
    3. Ricardo Chiari – PAN (1:07:33)


    1. José Espinoza – NIC
    2. Anthony Flores – CR
    3. Alex Gómez – CR
    4. Norwin Estrella – NIC

    Women’s Open

    1. Leilani McGonagle – CR
    2. Lizbeth Vindas – CR
    3. Samantha Alonso – PAN
    4. Johanny Alfonso – PAN

    Women’s Sub 18

    1. Paula Duarte – CR
    2. Emily Gussoni – CR
    3. Candelaria Resano – NIC
    4. Keyla Camarena – PAN

    Women’s Sub 16

    1. Valentina Resano – NIC
    2. Zulay Martínez – CR
    3. Coral Wiggins – CR
    4. Candelaria Resano – NIC

    Women’s SUP Race

    1. Edith García – CR (1:19:04)
    2. María Vanegas – NIC (1:22:10)
    3. Joleanne Marxen – PAN (1:26:15)


    1. Costa Rica
    2. Panamá
    3. Nicaragua
    4. El Salvador

    Images courtesy of Alfredo Barquero.

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