Costa Rica Reiterated its Commitment to Ratify the Escazú Agreement

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    Tico Foreign Minister Rodolfo Solano today reiterated Costa Rica’s commitment to ratify the Escazú Agreement, which he considered one of the most innovative tools for the well-being of Latin Americans and the Caribbean.

    “The Escazú Agreement also allows us to better rebuild on the basis of sustainable socioeconomic models and generate the optimal conditions for a solidary, conscious and ethical development of the region’s societies”, Solano pointed out when speaking at the II Meeting of Signatory Countries of the agreement.

    Likewise, he reaffirmed the legal solidity of the Agreement and its broad democratic legitimacy, product of the joint work of years of negotiation between States and representatives of a very wide range of sectors.

    At the meeting, held virtually from Antigua and Barbuda, Solano represented Costa Rica in his capacity as President of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) and President of the Board of Directors of the Escazú Agreement.

    Consolidating efforts
    According to the Costa Rican Foreign Ministry, this II Meeting of Signatory Countries is key in consolidating the efforts made in 2020 and laying the foundations to build the architecture for the operation of the treaty.

    Argentina, Mexico and Saint Lucia recently joined the countries that have already ratified this important international instrument, whose entry into force is imminent, while Costa Rica is still in the process of ratification.

    The Agreement, approved on March 4th, 2018 in Escazú, San José (Costa Rica) by representatives of 24 countries, is the first binding treaty in the region that establishes protections on the rights of access to information, public participation and the justice in environmental matters.

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