Costa Rica Port Authorities Reiterate the Importance of the Puerto Caldera Modernization

    In 2021, the port expects early progress in its modernization process

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    Sociedad Portuaria Caldera (SPC) highlighted that during 2020 the Puerto Caldera port maintained its operational continuity despite the Pandemic and its strong impact on the Costa Rican economy, which was possible thanks to the efficient management of the Virus. Also, they pointed out that 2020 had a closing with financial indicators similar to those of 2019.

    Regarding the cargo handled, SPC reached 300,020 TEUs and a total cargo volume of 5,680,862 tons. Regarding imports and exports, it mobilized 86,480 and 79,450 containers, respectively. It also indicated that during 2020 it served more than 524 ships.

    The general manager of SPC, Ricardo Ospina, commented that “without a doubt, any challenge posed at the beginning of 2020 was affected by the evolution of COVID-19, but thanks to the management carried out, which made it the first port in Costa Rica having a COVID-19 care protocol, and the responsibility acquired by the entire SPC team to take care of each other, we were able to maintain the continuity of our operations”.

    Importance of modernization

    Regarding the importance of modernizing Puerto Caldera, the executive reiterated that this action should be a priority, “the works are essential for Caldera to regain its competitiveness. For this reason, we have openly expressed our interest in participating in this process, because we understand the relevance of Costa Rica’s foreign trade and the effects on the logistics chain. Continuing to postpone these works, which should already be underway, affects the entire country,” said Ospina.

    Technological advance

    On the other hand, for SPC, 2020 was marked by the implementation of important technological projects. Among them, the Torpedo system stands out, which allows the configuration and parameterization of the management software and information management of the maritime and port terminal, considering the processes before, during, and after in the care of a ship. To this is added the information system called EAM, which consists of carrying out planning, execution, control, and monitoring processes of the transactions generated, making its activities more efficient and effective.

    By 2021, the port expects early progress in its modernization process. Besides, this year they will maintain preventive actions against the Coronavirus, along with continuous awareness of self and mutual care. The gradual return of personnel to their offices is also proposed, following all the indications given by the Ministry of Health and its internal procedures.

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