Costa Rica Politica Scene for 2014 Elections Heats Up

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    PAC leaders look to for agreement on Executive Committee as the Costa Rica ‘Politica’ scene ramps up for 2014 Elections

    This past week, two of the five candidates Citizen Action Party (PAC) came to an “agreement” regarding the positions of the Executive Committee.
    The agreement between Juan Carlos Mendoza and Luis Guillermo Solis angered other presidential hopefuls in a sector of the delegates who attended the PAC National Assembly.

    The remaining candidates of that party are Epsy Campbell, Rónald Solis and Claudio Monge.

    “An Executive Committee has to be consistent, be a team and meet the challenges of the Party,” said Mendoza to explaining the agreement with Solis.

    Under the tutelage of these new authorities, the PAC will decide on an open or closed convention to elect its candidate for the 2014 elections.

    The party is now chaired by former deputy Olivier Perez (2006-2010). Meanwhile, the sociologist Marta Iris Nunez is the new secretary-general and former deputy Leda Zamora (2006-2010) took over the treasury.

    Perez admitted that he was contacted by Mendoza and Solis, but denied being part of an agreement.

    Perez took over the the job from former deputy Federico Zamora and Marta Picado.

    The former deputy and now leader of the PAC said that he was invited to a meeting, although there was no agreement with them.

    The deal angered other Assembly members who attended the Episcopal Conference Auditorium in San Jose, especially among supporters of Otton Solis, who threatened to leave the party.

    For Jeannette Roman said this is “an immoral arrangement that does not respect the principles of the CAP” and that this practice seeks to deny the possibility of a true open convention.
    Meanwhile, Campbell Epsy applicant also stated that when she was offered the deal but she refused.

    [Source: Originally reported by]

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN)
    San Jose Costa Rica

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