The Ministry of Foreign Trade (Comex) in Costa Rica is negotiating with China to define export protocols for pineapples and melons, reported the Financial Capital.

According to the Journal these products hope to have phytosanitary certification.

Health protocols are created to comply with the standards set by the importing country and also to ensure regular income for these products.

The country already has protocols in place for bananas and hides, and is in the final stage to enter into effect on beef.

The objective of these protocols is to use the Free Trade Agreement between the countries, which entered into force in August 2011.

Exports to China have come down due to a shift in the business, that Intel made in 2009. However, if we do not take into account the shipments of this company, there was an increase of 6% from 2010 to 2011. In the first three months the increase was of 13%.

Currently the agricultural sector, livestock and fishing does not even reach 2% of total exports.