Costa Rica MPs Agree Paraguay’s President Fernando Lugo Ousting a Coup

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    Costa Rica MPs Agree Paraguay’s President Fernando Lugo Ousting a Coup
    The Legislature passed unanimous motion, and consider former President Fernando Lugo’s ousting in Paraguay as a coup. “We express our deepest wishes for a speedy return of the institutions in your country, in accordance with international rule, in particular the Charter of the Organization of American States,” says the motion.

    Betis Deputy Luis Gerardo Villanueva, said Lugo was elected President by the Constitution and that dismissal is only responds to a blow to American democracy that have been so difficult to build.

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    “Instability in Latin America is amazing, since 1991, 17 presidents have been removed, some short, some by military coup or until resigning in the midst of a serious crisis,” said Villanueva.

    But many Latin Americans believe that this is natural consequence of democracy taking root in Latin America.

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