Paraguay’s ex-president Fernando Lugo denounces coup

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    Amid national and international outcry, Lugo urges followers to remain peaceful suggesting it could lead to his reinstatement.

    Ousted president of Paraguay, Fernando Lugo, was impeached on Friday by a Congress accusing him of not maintaining social harmony, has publicly denounced his removal from office as illegal and a “parliamentary coup” stating that was not based on proper evidence.

    The president of Argentina, Cristina Fernández, withdrew of its ambassador from Paraguay on Saturday but called the removal of Lugo a coup.

    On Saturday, Brazil recalled its ambassador from Paraguay and condemned Lugo’s removal as he was unable to defend himself properly. Brazil move is expected to carry some political weight and is Paraguay’s major trading partner in Latin America.

    Federico Franco, Paraguay’s new president said he would work to convince the other governments in the Latin American region that the impeachment was legal. And continuing there was no coup, and that it was simply a constitutional change of leadership.

    While Latin America is not happy with speed in which the impeachment processed occurred, they are unlikely to resist forward movement of the new government if Lugo and his supporters don’t fight or make headway to be restored to power.

    Paraguay is one of the least well know and poorest countries in South America. With a population of approximately 6.3 million, in 2010 Paraguay’s economy grew by 14.5%, the largest economic expansion in Latin America, and the third fastest in the world.

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