Costa Rica Leads the Way for Strengthening Child Pornography Penalties

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    Costa Rica Leads the Way for Strengthening Child Pornography Penalties

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – Britain has outlined a series of legal reforms similar to those implemented by Costa Rica late last year to strongly punish crimes related to child pornography.

    The British ambassador in San Jose, Sharon Campbell, said that this is an initiative supported by the government and made by Costa Rican non-governmental organizations which seek to create “a society that respects and protects children.”

    “These are tools that will help the legal system, so that penalties are more appropriate to the crime,” said the diplomat.

    The reform, which came into force in November, increased the penalty for carrying pornographic materials from 1-4 years in prison to 3-6 years.

    It also criminalized virtual child pornography and “pseudo pornography”, which is a hybrid between explicit child pornography and sham, whose punishments range from 6 months to two years in prison.

    “Costa Rica is known as a country that upholds human rights both internationally and domestically,” said the ambassador.

    Campbell said he was “very happy” and praises the “commitment of Costa Rica to protect minors and human rights of the most vulnerable, the children.”

    The project was driven by the NGO Alliance for Your Rights, with the support of the British Embassy.

    The bill was passed by Congress last October 23 and signed by the country’s president, Laura Chinchilla, in late November.

    The British ambassador said his country will continue to support projects in Costa Rica that support women to create business policies in favor of human rights, among other areas. ACAN-EFE

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

    San Jose Costa Rica

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