Costa Rica is Indebted to its Black Population

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    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) San Jose – The Ombudsman of Costa Rica ackowledged today , on the eve of the ” Day of the Black ” , that the country ” is indebted to its black population, people of African descent .”

    For the Ombudsman , that debt ” is reflected in the delay in the constitutional recognition of the multiethnic and multicultural nature of Costa Rica , as well as in land ownership issues and the fight against racism.”

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    The Ombudsman ‘s Office, Taitelbaum Ofelia said in a statement that the state has an ” obligation to formally recognize , in its Constitution , which national history is rooted in ethnic, cultural and linguistic diversity” .

    To Taitelbaum , the government must, ” as with indigenous territories , respect the right to land ownership that traditionally belongs to this population, especially in the Caribbean área”.

    The advocate also drew attention to the delay of years in the progress of a development project called ” Limon Harbour City”, which was supposed to be the development platform for this area, one of the poorest and most troubled of the country.

    As part of the ” Day of the Black ” Limon will hold a meeting in the Council of Ministers and Central American Cultural Authorities .

    The objective of the meeting , according to the Ministry of Culture , is for the cultural hierarchy of the region to participate in the festivities and to follow up on the actions of the Caribbean Cultural Corridor .

    This corridor is an initiative of the Ministry of Culture and Youth of Costa Rica, which has the support of the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI ) , Unesco , the Spanish Cooperation and the Central American Integration System , ” which aims to invigorate the cultural exchange , tourism and economic development between the countries of the region. ” EFE

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    San Jose , Costa Rica

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