Costa Rica Increased Its Banana Exports by 7% Despite the Pandemic

    Consolidating the country’s agricultural export potential

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    The National Banana Corporation of Costa Rica (Corbana) reported this past Thursday that during 2020 the country increased by 7% the volume of exports of this product, which generated a total of 1,120 million dollars, despite restrictions due to the Pandemic.

    The entity indicated that 129.6 million boxes of bananas of 18.14 kilograms were exported. Due to the border closures due to COVID-19, the sector had to adapt and ship to new markets, as well as to traditional destinations, but at a lower price.

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    The figure represents an increase of 7% compared to the same period in 2019, when 120.7 million boxes were sold abroad. The generation of foreign exchange by banana exports in 2020 was 1,120 million dollars compared to 1,105 million dollars in 2019.

    Total commitment of the sector

    “The data reveal the commitment of the national banana sector to seek new markets and new options to place the fruit, but above all to protect thousands of jobs that translate into well-being for a region lacking job opportunities”, said the general manager by Corbana, Jorge Sauma.

    Figures provided by the corporation indicate that despite the economic crisis generated by the COVID-19 Pandemic, the national banana industry managed to maintain the jobs of more than 40,000 direct workers, as well as 100,000 indirect workers. The authorities explained that 2020 was marked by logistical problems as a result of the health crisis, but at the same time they highlighted the social and economic contribution that the banana sector makes to the country.

    “Since the Pandemic began in the banana industry, rigorous measures have been taken to take care of the health of our workers, to whom we thank them for their efficiency and motivation to obtain this result,” said Sauma.

    Positive factors

    According to the general manager, among the factors that influenced to reach these historical figures are the good weather conditions that occurred in the country, in contrast to a reduction in the supply of fruit from Honduras and Guatemala for the devastating effects of the hurricanes. In addition, another factor that contributed to the increase in banana sales was the reduction in prices in order to place all of the fruit. “Volume over price was imposed here, but the most important thing was to keep all employees active,” Corbana stressed.

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