The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – In order to meet the vision of more than 30 international experts and analyze the challenges facing the banana industry, the Fifth International Banana Congress will be held at the Wyndham Hotel in San Jose, Costa Rica from February 24 to 27, and is expected be attended by over 600 participants.

The event, according to CEO Jorge Sauma, will promote and share knowledge on issues related to scientific research, banana policy, environmental management, logistics, marketing, social responsibility and innovations in the banana industry.

“The main export destination of Costa Rican fruit in 2013 was Europe, which consumed 49.4% of the national fruit, while the United States bought 42.9% of total exports,” said Sauma.

The conference will feature international experts, among which are: Gert Kema, Angelique D’Hont, Luc de Lapeyre, France Christian Chabrier, Benjamin Paz, Luis Perez, Martin B. Dickman and Michael Dwyer among others.

Some of the topics to be discussed are: challenging global markets, the impact of climate change on world food, genome sequencing, new consumer trends, challenges of agriculture to the global economy, and the prevention of diseases such as the development of the Black Sigatoka.

The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

San Jose, Costa Rica