Costa Rica hosts OTN Tour, important technology event

Wednesday, August 3rd, Costa Rica will be the headquarters of the OTN Tour, one of the most important technology events in the region.

It is the Oracle Technology Network (OTN Tour), where a total of 12 national and international exhibitors will talk about security, big data, database utility, and free software, among other topics currently relevant to technology lovers who wish to participate in the event. Costa Rica is known for its green technology and sustainability practices, which will play a part in the event.

“There will be discussions from the most basic to the most advanced forms of technology, and these will be very interesting, but the most valuable part of the event is that participants will be in close contact with the exhibitors,” explained Paula Brenes of UCenfotec, where the event will take place.

In total, participants will be able to access 27 exhibitors and interact with each of the considered gurus in technology, such as Alex Zaballa, Tim Hall, Debra Lilley, Kamran Agayev, José Niño, Anibal García, Luis Adrian Zumbado, Massiel Gaitan, Eddie Molina, and Roy Salazar.

“We hope that people will love the technology the most – as a means to achieve an end, but not a perfect end – and we want them to have access to exhibitors of world class.”

The OTN Tour will start at 8:00 AM and end at 5:00 PM. People interested in participating can register at this address.

It is expected that the event will create a community of networking that will enable the exchange of information.


VIAThe Costa Rica News (TCRN)
SOURCETiana Jacobs
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