Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama and European Union to Ratified in May 2013

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    The head of the delegation of the European Commission for Central America and Panama, the Spanish Francisco Javier Sandomingo said this past week that Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala and Panama agreed to ratify the partnership agreement signed with European Union (EU)no later than next May.

    “In Santiago, Chile, at the summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC)” with the EU, held last weekend, “it was agreed to establish a deadline of May 15 for all countries (Central) ratify the agreement, “said the European diplomat told reporters.

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    Besides the European Parliament have approved the Congresses of Nicaragua and Honduras, so that its provisions are already active in the 27 EU countries and the two Central.

    For the agreement, including trade issues, policies and cooperation, had to be ratified by the EU and by at least two Central American countries, which has already been fulfilled.

    According Sandomingo the May 15 deadline given for outstanding countries: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala and Panama “meet any necessary legislative process, so that, as of May 15, the agreement to enter into force for all at once.”

    The European Union ambassador was optimistic that the four Central American countries ratify the association agreement later than the agreed date.

    “Some do not ratify it, then we should see what we do, but today it seems unlikely, because we are three and a half months, the ratification procedures are advanced in general and everything suggests that May 15 will be All completed and the agreement will come into force for all signatories “continued Sandomingo.

    The diplomat noted that there are no sanctions for countries to refrain from ratifying.

    “It is true that the partnership agreement the terms a little improvement, but not to expect any drama, we want to implement the agreement,” he said.

    Central America and the European Union maintain a smooth and without friction, especially after the dispute was resolved by banana tariffs in 2009.

    The European Union is the second largest trading partner of the isthmus, a region of more than 42 million people with whom he has a negative trade balance, as American products exported to the EU and goods by about 3.2 billion dollars a year and imported by 2.277 billion, according to official figures.

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