Costa Rica Constitution may Block U.S. Military Entrance

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    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – The entrance of U.S.military forces could be truncated as a result of a recent verdict from Costa Rica´s Constitutional Chamber.

    Last July 5th it determined that the General Direction of Civil Aviation violated the “right to peace” of Costa Ricans, since in May of this year it authorized the entrance of U.S Army Blackhawk helicopters.

    The criterion of the sentence 2013-9122 could be applied to entry permits of U.S military ships to Costa Rican waters and it could fall under the joint patrol agreement that has been in force for more than a decade.

    It is noteworthy that in July, 2010, Costa Rica starred an international controversy when the Legislature authorized the entry of 46 gunships, 200 helicopters, 10 aircraft and 7,000 U.S soldiers.

    In this case the General Direction of Civil Aviation authorized the entrance of the aforementioned helicopters to provide greater protection to President Barack Obama during his visit last May.

    Despite being on vacation, the leader of the PAC political party, Carmen Muñoz, pointed out that the entry of U.S. military aircraft into Costa Rica was not approved by the Parliament, as it should have. From her viewpoint, the arguments of the Constitutional Court support those who “have historically claimed that it is not good for peace and sovereignty to have warships to fight drug trafficking.”

    After indicating that the recent verdict could prohibit the entry of any type of military force into Costa Rica, she recalled that the joint patrol agreement only allows the entry of coastguards. However, it might allow some room for warships to participate as trading platforms.

    The press office of the U.S. Embassy in San José requested the opinion of the Constitutional Court regarding the recent verdict and the possibility of questioning the entrance of gunships in the light of this new law.

    This was the answer: “With full respect for the sovereignty of Costa Rica, the U.S. Embassy requests the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the respective permits for aircraft and U.S. vessels to get in Costa Rican territory. We depend on the response of the Costa Rican government to meet our obligation of ensuring the safety of the country “.

    Source: Semanario Universidad

    Tracy Vargas

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN)
    San Jose Costa Rica

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