Costa Rica Compensation to Those Affected by Ban on In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

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    Costa Rica News – Costa Rica’s government announced that the compensation paid for $415,000 ordered by a ruling of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (CorteIDH) for couples affected by the ban on in vitro fertilization in the country.

    “Respectful of international law, we have delivered on time with the payment of compensation to 15 of the 18 applicants and three lawyers who handled the case,” he said today in a statement Vice Minister of Finance, José Luis Araya.

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    The judgment of the Inter-American Court, published last December, indicates that with IVF ban has affected the “right to private and family life, reproductive rights and personal integrity.”

    “The decision of whether or not mother or father is part of the right to privacy includes the decision to be in the genetic or biological sense,” the court said.

    The Inter-American Court in its ruling that denied “the embryo can or should be treated equally legally a person,” and ordered to allow medical technology in the country.

    The Costa Rican Constitutional Court banned the technique in a resolution of 2000 because they felt it violated the right to life of embryos not implanted in the womb of the woman.

    The Costa Rican government has not enabled the application of in vitro fertilization, because it regulated by a law is being drafted.

    Health Minister, Daisy Corrales, leads the development of the bill that must be delivered to the president, Laura Chinchilla, on 1 March, by order of the president, who intends to send to Congress that month.

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