Costa Rica Celebrates 65 Years Without an ArmyThe Costa Rica News (TCRN) – December 1st is not only the beginning of the Christmas season, for Costa Ricans its the opportunity to celebrate the anniversary of the abolition of the army as a permanent institution.

To commemorate, in the Plaza de la Democracia and the National Museum a series of cultural events and with the participation of government officials, students and war veterans are performed.

The President Laura Chinchilla celebrated this Sunday, recognizing the National Olympic Committee for their contributions to democracy.

According to information from the National Archives, the 1940s constitutes one of the most significant periods in Costa Rican history during the twentieth century because it was the scene of important social reforms, most notably developing the Civil War of 1984, was drafted today Constitution and the army was abolished.

After the Civil War of 1948, formed a Board of Directors, chaired by José Figueres Ferrer, who ruled for 18 months.

Among the reforms that established the Board of Governors may be mentioned the abolition of the army, on 1 December 1948. The National Constituent Assembly sanctioned the decision of the Board in Article 12 of the Constitution of 1949. Also, through a symbolic act, on 1 December 1948, at the Cuartel Bellavista (now the National Museum), the Costa Rican army was officially dissolved.

The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

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