Costa Rica and its Renowned Excellence in Coffee Production

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    Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world and one of the star products of Central America. The famous grain is considered as black gold in the tropical territory since a significant part of the region’s exports are due to this product, which contributes significant income to the economies of the countries in the area. In addition, the Central American area concentrates more than 10% of its global production and export.

    Central America has exceptional and favorable geographical conditions for the cultivation of coffee: mountainous areas, plateaus, ancient trees and volcanic soils, among others. On the other hand, its tropical climate together with periods of abundant rains, favor the growth and development of coffee trees.

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    To these exclusive characteristics of the area, the deep-rooted culture of product care is added: each country carries out meticulous programs and coffee-making processes based on the care and treatment of the beans to create a coffee with a unique taste and quality scent.

    Costa Rica, quality over quantity

    Costa Rica’s climate is tropical throughout the year, with alternating periods of heavy rain and dry seasons. Given the geographic heterogeneity of the country, it produces numerous varieties of 100% Arabica coffee.

    The main distinctive feature of Costa Rican coffee is the concentration of the part of its cultivation in the rich volcanic soils, which results in a superior quality bean with little acidity and highly valued by the most demanding palates. In a way, this is due to the fact that Costa Rica produces a limited amount of coffee, but it ensures the excellence of all its plantations and the beans obtained. This has led to its worldwide recognition as a high-quality product on the market.

    Resonance Costa Rica

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