Contract for the Construction of the Great Hospital of Puntarenas Is Signed

Hospital of the Future Will Position Social Security and Reactivate the Economy and Tourism

The contract signing for the construction of the great hospital in Puntarenas will be a high-impact moment for the Central Pacific and for Costa Rica. It is the consolidation of the start of the most ambitious hospital project of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) so far in the 21st century and after the construction of the Mexico hospital, 50 years ago.

The so-called “hospital of the future” will not only restore the concept of Costa Rican Social Security but will reactivate the economy and reposition local tourism.

The president of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado; the president of the Legislative Assembly, Carlos Ricardo Benavides; the Ombudsman, Catalina Crespo; the executive president of the CCSS, Román Macaya; representatives of the Monseñor Sanabria hospital and other personalities of the community, witnessed the signing of the contract for the construction of the modern, innovative and technological Monseñor Víctor Manuel Sanabria hospital.

The event was held today, September 30th, 2019, at 9 am, on the esplanade of the current Puntarenense hospital. President Carlos Alvarado said that better health care is a fundamental pillar for the well-being of the people of Puntarenas and the area. “Therefore, we invest in the Fund, we invest in people, the Government of the Republic has the obligation to maintain priority attention on this vital work for the people of Puntarenas”.

For the executive president of the CCSS, this fact has a deep and meaningful meaning because it is a historic decision in which the Central Pacific Region wins and Costa Rica wins because it will be a pearl that will shine in the world for its importance and modernism.

The hospital will have a construction area of ​​72,132 square meters. This area will double the width of the Heredia hospital that was the last to be built. The investment will be ¢ 131,720,000,000.

The construction of the great hospital of Puntarenas will be in charge of the Van Der Laat and Jiménez / INGELECTRA Consortium and will be executed under a bipartite financing modality between the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (BCIE) and the CCSS that will benefit 316 thousand direct people and other both by fluctuating population, tourist, and proximity as is the population of the Chorotega Region.

“This work is an achievement of great impact for the country. This is the most ambitious project that the CCSS will undertake in the last four decades, the investment is substantial and the provision of its services will be of global echo because it is located in a highly tourist area”, said architect Gabriela Murillo Jenkins, manager of Infrastructure and Technologies of the CCSS.

Hospital building set

It will be integrated by a set of 10 buildings of 5 levels each. In addition, it will have 350 hospital beds and the possibility of doubling capacity by 2030. The land where it will be built is located in the district of Barranca and measures 150 thousand square meters.

Projection of the future set of buildings for the Puntarenas hospital

The hospital of the future will offer new services to patients with cancer and cardiovascular pathologies.

Chemotherapy: It will offer strengthening treatment for cancer patients who no longer have to go to the Mexico hospital to receive their treatments.

Interventional Cardiology: It will allow the installation of a medical equipment called “angiographer” for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular pathologies.

 It will have the following services:

• Emergencies with capacity for 43 beds

• Hospitalization

• Surgical block of 12 operating-rooms

• Outpatient consultation and surgery

• Delivery care in four rooms

• Clinical and administrative support services

• External Consultation with 64 offices

Among the new specialties that the Puntarenas hospital will offer are:

• Hemodynamics

• Optometry

• Cardiology

• Critical Medicine and intensive care

• Gynecology and oncology

• Home hospitalization

• Chemotherapy

Given all this modernity, Dr. Mario Felipe Ruiz Cubillo, medical manager of the CCSS, showed his enthusiasm for this work of the future that will serve to improve the quality, the opportunity of attention and the good treatment of the Buenos Aires and tourist community.

The areas of attraction that will benefit the hospital of Puntarenas are:

• San Rafael- Chomes – Monteverde

• Peninsular

• Barranca

• Chacarita

• Esparza

• Montes de Oro

• Garabito

• Orotina- San Mateo

• Colorado

• Indirectly the health areas of Aguirre, Parrita, and some areas of the Chorotega Region.

The estimated entry into operation is by the end of 2022. This work represents a qualitative leap in terms of the comfort and safety of patients who will not only enjoy a dream infrastructure but also innovative and state-of-the-art equipment conditions.

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