Sex, Youth and Consciousness.

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    Sexual intercourse is becoming more and more early in young people.

    All parents like to think that their children, whether male or female, will always behave appropriately and responsibly and will not have any kind of sexual intercourse before they turn 21, Parents who truly believe this will surely have forgotten what it is to be a teenager.

    Teenagers are curious and their hormones are in effervescence. They will be experiencing feelings and emotions that have never had before and we must accept that the majority will do exactly the opposite of what is advised to them, however, this does not mean that they will not be able to behave responsibly.

    If you try to limit the sexual knowledge of your children, using an attitude of if they know nothing about it, it will be hurting them instead of benefiting them, since they will have sex regardless of whether you allow it or not, although some will prefer not to do so already whether for moral or religious reasons.

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    Although you can feel confident about what your children are, it is important that you talk to them about sex, making sex a taboo subject or outside the limits of discussion may increase your interest even more and cause to experience sex at an earlier age, relying on very little or perhaps any kind of information that can establish a conscious view on the consequences that could bring these acts.

    The first sexual encounter in adolescence can be crucial for the future, it means walking for the first time on an unknown path in the love life, so it is important that it is a well-planned experience. Although not usually so, usually the first sexual experience does not occur under the best circumstances; The dream of a moment of happiness becomes an instant in guilt, doubts, and fears.

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    The problem of the first time is maybe not doing love well, always the next times will be better because the experiences will give you future joys in sex.

    When starting your sexual life you must have the necessary information, thus have no consequences to regret, such as an unwanted pregnancy or contracting sexually transmitted diseases, including the deadly HIV and AIDS, and is that the head of a teenager is a sea of myths about sex caused by lack of information, social pressures and a fearful education to touch the issues about the responsible exercise of sexuality.

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