Congress Defends IVF in Costa Rica

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    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – Catholic Conservative and religious groups in Costa Rica defended the “universal right to life” at a conference in opposition to a ruling by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (Inter-American Court) that forces the country to endorse the IVF.

    The president of the association for Life in Costa Rica, Luis Fernando Calvo, stated that the National Congress for Life and Family is to “train and educate people interested” in various subjects.

    According to Calvo, the vision shared during this conference is “that the right to life is universal”.

    The Congress is organized by the Association for Life, the National Family Pastoral and Heroic Catholic organization options.

    These organizations oppose the ruling of the Inter-American Court in the case known as Artavia-Murillo on IVF.

    They also reject the Breatriz case, in which the court ordered termination of the pregnancy in a 22 year-old Salvadoran who at 20 weeks and was in danger of dying and whose son had no chance of life.

    “Both cases injured and preclude precisely which every human being is entitled to life. This is worrying because it limits human rights by providing that they are not for everyone because they leave out the embryos,” said Calvo.

    According to Calvo the idea of ​​the Court that the human embryo is not a person is a “arbitrary and unfair”.

    The conference, which began on Friday and will conclude today, has about 300 attendees discussing issues such as abortion, in vitro fertilization, maternal mortality and homosexuality, and has the participation of professionals in human rights, genetics, medicine and psychology.

    One of the main talks will be held in the conference entitled “Rethinking the Inter-American Human Rights System: Implications of the failure of the Commission by the case and the case of Beatriz IVF”.

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