The Colombian government and the Armed Revolutionary Forces of Colombia (FARC) put an end to hostilities this Thursday, after an agreement that was announced between both delegations in La Habana, Cuba.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and Cuban President Raul Castro took part in the meeting, as well as representatives of the guerrilla and guarantors of the process who were congratulated on the successful agreements.

Between them it was established that the UN would receive all weapons from the guerrilla of FARC, after their agreed surrender with the Colombian government, for their destruction and the construction of three monuments.

The “UN receives all weapons from the FARC-EP for the purpose of the construction of 3 monuments, agreed between the National Government and FARC-EP,” stated the signed agreement in La Habana this Thursday for the definitive ceasefire in Colombia.

The text, which defines the main forms of the end of the conflict, also covers “the surrender of weapons and the guarantees of security (for the rebels) and the fight against criminal organizations (…) successors of paramilitarism,” indicated by the parties.

The announcement generated the congratulations by the U.S. government.

“Despite the fact that challenges remain at the moment for both parties to continue to negotiate a final peace agreement, the announcement today represents an important step forward to put an end to the conflict,” stressed Susan Rice, President Barrack Obama’s National Security Adviser.