Coffee Will Be Roasted with Energy from Solar Panels in the Southern Zone

    Association of 36 Women Produces and Sells Coffee "Cerro Biolley"

    A set of 29 solar panels will start giving energy to the coffee roaster and the rural shelter of a 36-women association in Biolley, in the Southern Zone.

    The panels installed last week will help the micro-benefit where women produce, benefit and market the 600 kilograms a month of Cerro Biolley coffee that they sell to hotels on the coast, restaurants and through agreements.

    They are US $ 15,000 invested with the help of Procomer, which will also be used for the rural shelter of 25 people, offering coffee tours, visits to thermal waters and hikes in the International Amistad Park to European and national tourists.

    Now a group of 10 associates is also planting between 1 and 2 thousand bushes each to have enough coffee for the benefit of a fall in the area, due to diseases and low coffee prices.

    Asomobi members, all women

    “We have a high cost in electricity in the part of the toaster and the benefit because there are many machines and, for the sustainability part, we try to consume all the solar energy we can to contribute to the environment”, said Geovanna Sibaja, one of the founding members of the Association of Organized Women of Biolley (Asomobi).

    A group of women started Asomobi, in 1997, to improve the conditions of families in the area. Throughout the years, they made the decision to develop a project, in the medium and long term, with one of the most important items of Costa Rican agricultural production.

    Additionally, it is no secret to anyone that the coffee produced in Costa Rica roaster as one of the best in the world.

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    VIATCRN Staff
    SOURCEChristine Jenkins
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