Coffee Consumption Outside the Home Grows in Costa Rica

    71% of those surveyed drink Costa Rican coffee in the afternoon

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    Coffee consumption outside the home is a growing trend. According to a study by Zenith (2019) on Coffee, Machines, Uses and Habits in Central America, 73% of Costa Ricans prefer to drink coffee from a machine, when consuming this beverage outside the home.

    The four aspects highlight why the Tico prefers to consume machine coffee, the reason is because of its flavor (78%), the speed in obtaining it (41%), its practicality and variety (22% and 24% respectively).

    In most Central American countries, consumers drink one to two cups of coffee a day and, if they are away from home, they consume coffee from a machine first. In Costa Rica, 25% drink one cup a day, while 23% drink two cups.

    The study also showed the times of the day that Costa Ricans prefer to consume this drink: 71% drink it in the afternoon, 67% at night and 55% in the morning.

    A special occasion is not necessary for the consumption of coffee, but those that mark the Ticos are: 63% at work, 47% at any opportunity, and, finally, 45% out with friends.

    Advances in coffee consumption outside the home

    The arrival of the pandemic in 2020 also brought changes and opportunities for the consumption segment outside the home, including coffee consumption. One of these was the leap made by electronic commerce, the transaction of goods and services through computerized means -mainly that which is carried out on the Internet-.

    Globally, e-commerce sales from Nestlé’s out-of-home businesses grew by almost 50% in the second quarter of 2020, according to the World Coffee Portal. The reality in the country is not very different, according to Digital Market Outlook 2020, Costa Rica achieved a growth of 48% in its digital sales.

    A second opportunity was the increase in local purchase of raw materials. In January 2021, Nestlé Professional launched 100% national bean coffee in Costa Rica under the Nescafé brand.

    This launch is associated with the support for the reactivation of the local economy, by supporting more than 1,000 producer families throughout the national territory. Small and medium-sized businesses such as bakeries, cafeterias and convenience stores that use Nescafé machines that grind the beans instantly and provide end consumers with a quality consumption experience.

    Nescafé uses 100% grain from Costa Rica, distributing the resources to 15 Costa Rican micro-benefits from four coffee-growing regions of Costa Rica: Brunca, Guanacaste, Tarrazú and Occidente. The grain is assembled in Coopeldos, a 100% national cooperative in the Guanacaste region, which causes a local chain.


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