The central bank on Saturday raised the interest rates offered on deposits at Central Direct.

This is the third change made by the Central Bank on interest rates after the sharp cut of 1.50 points made on 19 August.

The rate for 180 days to 269 days, the cut of 6.75% to 5.50% on 19 August and Saturday adjustment reached 6.32%.

Now, for a period of 60 to 89 days the rate increased from 4.25% to 4.40%, for a period of 90 to 179 days increased from 4.55% to 5.05% and for 180 to 269, 5 , 57% to 6.32%.

In addition, for the period from 270 to 359 days increased from 6.35% to 6.85% and for 360 days to 1,079 days increased from 6.85% to 7.10%.

The agency cut the rate for the period from 1080 to 1799 days of 8.50% to 8% and a period of 1,800 days in front of 9.05% to 8.55%.

Anyone can invest in electronic repositories provided by the Central Bank through the Internet.

The minimum investment amount is ¢ 100,000 and can be placed from one day to 1,800 days (5 years). The transaction was done through the Direct Central platform, located in the Central Bank website.

The increase made on Saturday the central bank could influence the base rate if the timing captures resources that includes the fee.