Ceiling Fans and Drones? Drought Reveals Unthinkable Garbage in La Sabana Lake!

    More than 1,000 Kilograms of Garbage Were Collected during Last Week

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    The drought that affects the lake of the La Sabana Metropolitan Park, in addition to showing the cracked earth and mud, left in evidence that this place is a real dump.

    Taking advantage of the low water levels, the Costa Rican Institute of Sports and Recreation (Icoder) devoted itself, last week, to collecting the waste from the site, and there it found the unthinkable; 2 blankets, 2 drones (although it is forbidden to use them in the park), a ceiling fan, a drill, and a rice cooker were part of the items collected during the cleaning sessions, Icoder confirmed.

    Garbage found during the drought season in La Sabana Lake

    In addition to that, 30 bags of garbage with an approximate weight of 35 kilograms each, which represents more than 1,000 kilos in total, were removed from the site. In those bags were plastic plates and cups, pots, and much more. “The work was carried out by officials of RomaGro S.A., a company contracted by Icoder for the maintenance of the green areas of the La Sabana Metropolitan Park”, explained the institution through the press office.

    The drought of the La Sabana lagoon, like other 2 smaller lagoons of the La Paz Park, is due to the lack of rain that the country is going through, added to the high temperatures.

    “What we are seeing in the La Sabana and the La Paz parks, where the levels of the lakes have dropped drastically, is a reflection of the reality we face as a country. We cannot hide that we now have other conditions that existed many years when those lakes were designed and they told us that water was an inexhaustible resource”, Sports Minister, Hernán Solano, had commented a few days ago.

    Because of the low water level of the place, Icoder had, at the end of March, to move the ducks that were in Lake La Sabana to the only lake of La Paz, located on the south side, which has its own supply well. Both the La Sabana and 2 out of 3 La Paz pounds are artificial. That is, they do not have their own springs and, historically, rains have been responsible for maintaining them at reasonable levels.

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