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    Production company looking for real families for a series of advertising videos for a resort in Guanacaste.
    The series of videos is about a family that explores Peninsula Papagayo, highlighting its many onshore and off-shore activities and pursuits.  Infinitely more than scenes of people enjoying activities, the videos will dig deeper in portraying one’s human journey of discovery—and how each transformative experience is capable of producing in each individual a personal metamorphosis. Just like the multi-faceted nature of Peninsula Papagayo, the videos will span a wide spectrum of flavors and moods—everything from peaceful solitude to highly energetic thrills, to the whimsical fun.
    Ideally, the family would be a dad, mom, two kids, a grandmother and a grandfather, that are comfortable on boats and on the ocean. We are looking for people in Guanacaste so they are more likely to do any of these activities: kayak, paddleboard, swim, surf, fish, golf, practice yoga, hike, cliff jump, rope swing and/or mountain bike.
    We are open to putting families together for the shoot, so if we have separate “moms”, “dads”, kids, families with just one kid or none, and grandparents, we will propose them separately and let the director put them together so they look as one family.
    The job will be very well paid and people just have to be available to work from July 9th to the 16th.
    People interested in more information please contact Marcela Jarquín at 8368-2080 and/or send pictures and contact to [email protected]
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