“Campo De Oro” In Costa Rica Has No Comparison

    Sunflowers have captivated Costa Rican and foreign tourists in this 2.021 ...

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    Nature always does its thing in Costa Rica, and this is a country that has everything, its biodiversity is infinite. Its fields full of intense green can captivate people’s eyes in moments, much more, if they contain extravagant flowers such as sunflower. The fields of sunflowers or known in TCRN “Campos de Oro” (fields of gold), all over the world are the perfect place to connect and, of course, where you can not miss a camera that captures the moment.

    Tourists can’t help but enjoy the authentic yellow of sunflowers

    All over the world, there are sunflower fields that are part of tourism. In the case of Costa Rica, specifically in Pital de San Carlos, you can find a huge one. It is an exhibition, where it is intended that by August of this year, it will have 130 thousand sunflowers of different types, with varieties of colors and sizes, including giants that can reach four meters in height.

    The field was named by its creator Erick Porras, “Sunflowers of Costa Rica”

    It is worth noting that Porras has planted these beautiful plants that naturally seek the sun for more than 20 years, therefore, the name that characterizes it “sunflower”. It turns out that the project, in addition to being part of tourism in the country, sale of seeds of the plant and sunflowers as such, seeks to provide a rich source for livestock.

    Everyone will be able to know in more detail Pital de San Carlos

    In addition to enjoying the sunflowers, you will have the option of a tour with certified guides, as well as professional photographers who will not only take you to know the immense sunflower field …

    Everyone will come to know Pital, if they wish

    Pital, is district number 6 of the canton of San Carlos within the Central American country, which in turn belongs to the province of Alajuela. Another characteristic work of Pital is the extensive cultivation of pineapple for export purposes. Meat and milk farming are highly relevant in the area, since Pital is currently the second district that produces the most milk in the canton.

    There are more places to visit in Pital, but you should not miss the field of sunflowers, which we are sure will bring color to your life. Costa Rica grows in entrepreneurship, grows in nature and yellow is the protagonist.

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