coffeeThe Costa Rica News (TCRN) – The Legislature reported that the budget to combat coffee rust decease was ratified by a vote of 28 in favor and 19 against, with the presence of 47 of the 57 Members of the Legislative Branch.

A round of $40 million will go to a trust to combat rust fungus that is affecting almost all coffee plantations in the country, and that will cause you to lose about 18% of the crop from 2013 to 2014, according to estimates officers.

The trust is intended to farmers with a production of 50 bushels (46 kilos each) or less per harvest, who represent 81% of the 52,000 coffee producers in the country and produce about 25% of the national crop.

Half the money will go to social support for at least two years for affected families continue to produce but do not obtain the same income for their coffee, while controlling the outbreak or renew your plants.

The remaining funds will be for productivity improvements as renovation of coffee plantations.
Rust, a fungus that weakens the plant and causes the falling leaves and the fruit is present in the country for 30 years and had never hit more than 5% of the coffee, which has changed since the end of 2012 due to variations in rainfall patterns and the age of many plants, according to experts.

In January, the Costa Rican government declared a sanitary emergency because of the plague of rust, which also affects the rest of Central America, and began free distribution of agrochemicals and information to combat the fungus.

Coffee is one of the main export products of Central America, which in the current crop lost because of rust around 550 million dollars and will be affected about 370,000 jobs, according to official data. EFE

The Costa Rica News (TCRN)
San Jose Costa Rica