Body Metamorphosis and the Digital Era

    The physical position of the human bodies is increasingly threatened with the rise of electronic media

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    There is no doubt that the human being has been evolving for hundreds of years since the stone age. The physical component of humans that has been seen and is threatened more and more with the emergence for some years of electronic media such as: the use of cell phones, tablets and even watches. These devices force us to observe not from the front, but from an angle; that is, at angles that oscillate – taking the ground as the x-axis, and our body as the y-axis, for an angle of 90 degrees – between 89 to 0 degrees, without exaggeration.

    What medical damage can this almost permanent position cause in people in everyday life? Investigating and researching on the website itself, we found the so-called occipital neuralgia, which manifests itself with sharp and intense pain in the back of the head or neck, a fact that can cause chronic injuries by keeping the neck extended for a long time.


    To the above, certain links of neuralgia are added, with other pathologies such as: osteoarthritis, neck tumors, cervical disc disease, inflammation of blood vessels and diabetes. Other health damage can also be: inflammation of the tendons and carpal tunnel syndrome, determined by the excessive use of the hands when typing.

    Who are the most threatened of all this?

    Young people who are constantly losing concentration in front of a screen ready to light up, showing an image, a text, a call in silent mode or a simple commercial. In the face of any modality or variant, it generates that they interrupt what they have been doing: driving a vehicle? in the snack with friends or dinner with the family?, where really in all cases – some very dangerous as being behind a rudder – there is a false communication that encompasses errors or horrors of spelling, use of icons, texts that are constantly interrupted, that are insipid, without any flavor.

    The situation is much more dramatic when the connection is established in a classroom, – we are aware that there are first world countries that have banned the use of cell phones in schools – where the teacher must do magic to be able to carry out their programmed activities with incorporation of technological tools even in favor of learning.

    It is obvious that we will not be able as people in everyday life – and possibly more so in the short and medium term future – to counteract technology, but we must think about how to regulate it, how to make it opportune for the opportune moment.

    Despite the fact that many media – cell phones, tablets, computers, watches – have allowed us to reduce distances, through a cold screen to communicate, really mishandling them is threatening us with the antithesis: the lack of communication.

    According to a study conducted by a famous tech media software company, all of its users unlock their phones about 80 times a day. Which translates to about five hours on screen.

    It really is a very worrying scenario! Do you agree with what is expressed here? What is your experience as a user or as a teacher?

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