Bandera del Turismo, the country’s largest flag of Costa Rica, flies as a symbol of hope

Its enormous measures show the desire for the recovery of the national tourism sector. Faced with the extraordinary challenges that the pandemic has posed, the Flag of Tourism, the largest Costa Rican flag in the country, flies as a symbol of hope for thousands of people who make a living from this productive activity.

Measuring 19.1 meters long, 8.9 meters high and covering a total surface area of ​​170 m², the flag was unfolded in Jacó showing its white, blue and red colors. The event was attended by the general manager of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute, Alberto López, the executive director of Canatur, Shirley Calvo, deputies of the Republic and representatives of the local chamber of tourism.

The Tourism Flag is made of polyester, a material that makes it more resistant to weather conditions, weighs around 45 kilos and is suspended by a horizontal steel cable line in the middle of the Central Pacific tropical forest, and is located in one of the company’s ecological and adventure parks, Rainforest Adventures, promoters of this initiative.

“We decided to propose the birth of this flag to turn it into a banner that symbolizes hope and the illusion of a better future for tourism and the country in these difficult times, but also reminds us of the unique resilience of our sector, the which, despite adversities, knows how to get up and get ahead, ”commented Rainforest Adventures general manager, Nicolás Staton.

To get to the “Flag of Tourism” you take a cable car that leads to a viewpoint and later, you go through an area of ​​great mysticism that the locals know as “Piedra Bruja” due to the luminosity that descends along the river canyon. .

For his part, the ICT general manager, who participated in the event, said that “this flag of enormous proportions symbolizes how in Costa Rica the teamwork between the public and private sectors, the union, the resilience of the tourism sector will be maintained waving, facing the arrival of 2021. During this end and beginning of the year, again, we call for strict compliance with the protocols in tourist activities, social distancing and, above all, carry out tourist activities with their family bubbles ” stated Alberto López, ICT general manager.

The executive director of Canatur, Shirley Calvo, said that this, “is a gesture that conveys optimism just with the beginning of a high season very different from the previous ones.”

Calvo said that they trust “that this season will mark the beginning of the path towards the recovery of tourist activity, a fundamental pillar to boost economic growth, job creation and the reconstruction of the country’s economy in general that requires special emphasis and support for”.

Flag complements new attractions at Rainforest Adventures park

Rainforest Adventures is about to inaugurate two of its new attractions, the “Sky Deck”, a viewpoint surrounded by forest on the heights of the mountain that allows a view of the ocean from Jacó, and the “Sky Swing”, a hammock that allows you to feel the feet dangling from the edge of the mountain and then jumping into the void on an infinite swing that gives the opportunity to obtain unique photos.

 About Rainforest Adventures

Rainforest Adventures is an eco-theme park with over 25 years of experience building and operating world-class attractions. It is a pioneer with the creation of the first cable car in the world in a rain forest, and it was precisely in the Braulio Carrillo mountains, where one of its two parks is located. The other is located in Jacó. Today they have a presence in Saint Lucia, Panama, Jamaica and Saint Maarten.

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