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    Bandera del Turismo, the country’s largest flag of Costa Rica, flies as a symbol...

    Its enormous measures show the desire for the recovery of the national tourism sector. Faced with the extraordinary challenges that the pandemic has posed,...

    November 12th: Costa Rican National Flag Day

    On November 12 of each year, the day of the national flag is celebrated, a national symbol that has been exhibited over the years...

    Do You Know What The National Flag and Pavillion of Costa Rica Mean?

    National Pavilion Day of Costa Rica is the day dedicated to honoring the flag that represents us “Ticos”

    Why Are Ticos So Proud About Their National Symbols?

    The National Flag of Costa Rica is tricolor by means of five stripes placed horizontally, one red in the center between two white, each...

    New Trains Will Have the Colors of Costa Rica’s Flag and Air Conditioning

    The Costa Rican Railway Institute (Incofer) has already defined how the 8 new trains (16 units) that will provide services in the country next...
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