Attention Hikers! A Fun Five Kilometers Hike Will Allow You to Reach “La Mano del Mantra”

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    Obtaining a magical view in exchange for an ideal route for hikers is the offer of Hacienda La Chimba, located in Río Oro de Santa Ana. Just 20 minutes from San José, you can visit the viewpoint “La Mano del Mantra“, a place in the shape of a hand on a giant scale, where visitors can take magnificent photographs in the middle of the coffee plantations.

    To get there, you take a five kilometers trek among the coffee plantations. The difficulty of this trail is medium-high due to the degree of ascent. It is not recommend for beginners, kids under the age of seven, or older adults.

    The place is also ideal for people who enjoy mountain biking. From the viewpoint you will be able to observe the Santa Ana wind turbines, an impeccable view. All types of vehicles can enter the Hacienda, the road is in good condition and it is not required to access with 4×4 vehicles.

    Getting there

    To get there you just have to search for Hacienda y Beneficio la Chimba on Google Maps. If you want to come with your pet, they are allowed; however, they recommend that only pets accustomed to exercise complete the journey.

    In addition to the trails, La Chimba offers services such as canopy, high ropes, tours to learn about the process of planting and producing coffee and a restaurant. The Ministry of Health protocols are strictly endorsed. The Hacienda’s hours are 8 a.m. at 5 p.m. all week.

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