Artificial Intelligence Changes the Game Strategy for Sports Brands

    The impact of AI in sport is very significant and it is expected to be one of the most relevant innovations in brand strategies

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    In the fast-paced world of brand management and sports marketing, the constant search for new ways to connect with fans and maximize return on investment has led to the adoption of innovative technologies.

    Among these, artificial intelligence (AI) stands out as a revolutionary tool that is redefining the way in which sports brands activate their sponsorships, plan their communication and marketing strategies.

    The impact of AI in sport is very significant and is expected to be one of the most relevant innovations in the sports sponsorship activation strategy in the next five years.

    AI to increase income

    Both sponsoring brands and properties consider that AI will be essential to increase revenue and reduce costs.This is demonstrated by the latest Sports Sponsorship Barometer 2024 report, carried out by SPSG Consulting. This is a consulting firm specialized in sports, entertainment, and sponsorship.

    This report indicates that sponsoring brands rate Artificial Intelligence (82%) as the main innovation that will influence sports sponsorship in the coming years, followedby Gamification and eSports (62%), as well as Big Data (46%). and augmented reality (31%).

    For their part, properties place Artificial Intelligence (73%) as the second innovation that will influence sports sponsorship, but very closely behind Big Data (76%) considered the main innovation.

    Then gamification and eSports appear with (37%), and further along augmented reality and Cashless (29%), leaving FansToken (17%) and Fantasy Sports (15%) practically forgotten, which at the time were Very strong.

    AI value for sports brands

    Artificial Intelligence offers significant and differential value for sports brands by allowing them to better understand their audience and offer more personalized and relevant experiences.

    We can analyze this through some basic benefits:

    Deep Consumer Understanding of AI can analyze large amounts of consumer data, from their purchasing preferences to their online behavior and social media activity.This gives brands a more complete and detailed view of who their fans are, what motivates them.

    This is how they can engage them more effectively:

    Content optimization: AI can help sports brands create and optimize relevant and engaging content for fans.By analyzing trends and past performance, AI algorithms can identify what type of content will best resonate with the audience and the best time to publish it.

    Improves the spectator experience: AI can also improve the spectator experience during sporting events, providing real-time analysis, instant replays and additional content through applications and digital platforms.

    Return on Investment (ROI) Optimization: AI can analyze data and optimize strategies, sports brands can maximize the return on their investment in sponsorship, marketing and communication strategies.

    Personalization at scale: With AI, sports brands can personalize interactions with fans on an unprecedented scale. Using machine learning algorithms, they can deliver content, promotions and experiences tailored to each fan’s individual interests and behaviors.

    Continuous Optimization: AI not only helps brands better understand their audience, but also allows them to continually optimize their sponsorship activation strategies based on real-time data.

    Algorithms: AI algorithms can identify emerging patterns and trends, as well as make automatic adjustments to improve campaign performance and maximize return on investment.

    Innovation and Differentiation: By adopting AI in their sponsorship activation approach, sports brands can stand out as innovative and future-oriented.The ability to offer unique and personalized experiences to fans not only increases attention and engagement, but also helps build a strong and differentiated brand reputation in an increasingly competitive market.

    It’s a race for attention and reputation

    In a world where attention is a scarce resource and competition for visibility is fierce, the ability to capture and maintain the attention of fans is critical to the success of any sports brand.

    AI becomes an invaluable ally in this task by allowing brands to offer personalized and relevant experiences that influence their audience.By adapting to the individual preferences of fans and offering content and offers specific to them, sports brands can increase their relevance and emotional connection, which in turn helps them gain attention and build a strong reputation in the market.

    Brands that manage to do this effectively will be in a privileged position to gain the trust, loyalty and fidelity of fans, as well as to stand out in an increasingly saturated and noisy media landscape.

    It is imperative for sports brands to harness the power of AI to understand and engage with fans more effectively, build stronger connections, optimize their ROI, and differentiate themselves in an ever-evolving and changing marketplace.

    Those who embrace this technology with forward-thinking, but with ethics and planning, will be better prepared to succeed in the changing landscape of sports marketing, communication and sponsorship.

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