Are We Really Learning From the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Months have now passed with the COVID-19 Pandemic, with more than 16 million people infected  and well over 600,000 deaths. The authorities of the affected nations have implemented a large number of measures to prevent higher numbers of infections, including vehicle circulation restrictions, fines, strict confinement and more.

The global economy has been hit hard by the Pandemic, which is why countries have had to turn to International Institutions for financial support, to help solve the emergency. Other presidents have debated some plans to revive the economy, after all is over. Entrepreneurs have had to reinvent themselves to get ahead, and large companies have promoted teleworking, which has turned out very effective.

But beyond all this, are we human beings really learning from this Pandemic?Are people really learning from these difficult times? On social networks celebrities, coaches and other professionals in their areas are observed with the Stay at Home campaign, even in some media, many tell about their personal experiences, whether they have been left alone with their pets or family.

There is talk of being –positive-, of being open to changes, to solitude, to meditation, to reuniting with loved ones, to read, to learn in the various online courses and so on… Also in verses, songs have expressed the value of life, the people who are always with us, their company, to be more caring, more aware.

While there are people that the Pandemic has taught them directly since they have suffered the departure of loved ones. Others just appreciate more breathing every second, every day lived, and pray for healing the world.

All this happens while authorities continue to argue by proxy, by resources, while some continue to murder, steal, judge, lie at their convenience or deny aid to those who think differently.

And after everything passes, who will have learned and aim to be better persons, others will simply remain the same as before with all the resentment. The real change must be as strong as the desire to live, learning to live is a daily activity and life is appreciated more from the simple aspects to the great ones, transcending to a higher state of consciousness.

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