Accident in Running of Bulls in Pamplona: 14 injured

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    Fourteen people, eight of them foreigners, were injured during the running of the bulls this Friday during the festivals of San Fermin in Pamplona (in the Northern part of Spain), two of them were in a particularly bad state after being gored by the bulls, said local authorities.

    In the second running of the festival, which annually attracts millions of tourists, four people from The United States, one from Britain, one from Portugal, a South African, and an Indian, as well as six Spaniards, ended up in the hospital according to injury reports from the regional government of Navarra.

    The two people who were gored particulary bad were a 73 year old from South Africa and a 58 year old Spaniard.

    The other three people who suffered injuries from the horns of the bulls were two people from The United States, 55 and 23 years old, and a 26 year old Indian whose conditions were said to be less severe.

    Furthermore, a 53 year old woman from The United States has maintained a reserved state after being traumatized during moments of chaos during the running this Friday.

    The bulls tossed several runners into the air while others were trampled on the ground. Other runners attempted to distract the animals by pulling on their tails or grabbing their horns.

    During the Festival of San Fermin in honor of the patron saint of the Navarra, each morning at 8:00 a.m. one hundred people run with the bulls, the most reckless stay close to the bulls trying to avoid their horns.

    This Friday, the animals completed the run which is 846.6 meters to the Plaza de Toros, where fights will later be held, in 5 minutes and 46 seconds.

    In the first running on Thursday five people were injured, one of them seriously after a fracture to the skull.

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