Absence of Law Threatens Water in Costa Rica

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    The absence of a modern law that protects water resources is one of the main threats to the water in Costa Rica, said the environmental sector at the World Water Day conference.

    The Environmental Federation (FECON) said the expansion of pineapple plantations, hydroelectric dams, the “mutilation of national parks” and the absence of a modern law, as the main risk factors for the water resource.

    ” the environmental movement wants it to be able to celebrate the adoption of the Law on Water Resources that was presented a petition to the Legislative Assembly with 150,000 signatures” and “constitutional reform that protects water as a human right,” said FECON.

    The bill of water resources, which would replace a 1942 law, seeks, among other things, to increase the fees for commercial use of water and create stronger measures to protect groundwater.

    For his part, Minister of Environment and Energy of Costa Rica, René Castro, said in a statement that the priorities of the country on environmental issues is the “blue book” to protect seas, rivers, wetlands and aquifers.

    “The challenge of Costa Rica in the 21st century is to give life to our rivers and wetlands, as years of overuse and denial have deteriorated them, we have the opportunity to give to our grandchildren the same enjoyment (and right) as our our grandparents enjoyed” said Castro.

    The Government also announced the creation of a Water Fund, which will start with seven projects to protect water in the center of the country and to be financed by the Foundation CRUSA with 727 million colones ($ 1.4 million).

    The projects will be implemented by the Foundation for the Development of the Central Volcanic Range (Fundecor).

    In Costa Rica, 97.6% of the population receives piped water and 90% of these people is supplied drinkable water through 2,300 aqueducts nationwide.

    In Costa Rica, a country of 4.5 million inhabitants, wastewater treatment is barely 4%.

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