A Special Day for Our Children

    74 years ago, Children's Day has been celebrated in Costa Rica

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    This September 9th, Children’s Day is celebrated in Costa Rica.

    A date that helps raise awareness in the Costa Rican population about the importance of guarantee, protect, and respect the rights of the little ones.

    It is important to know that, during the government of Don Teodoro Picado, the celebration of this day began by a decree which was signed on July 12, 1946.

    Why is Children’s Day celebrated?

    The United Nations General Assembly through resolution 836

    It recommended that all countries institute Universal Children’s Day.

    The resolution was launched in 1954 and its objective is to

    brotherhood among the children of the whole world. In addition to promoting the welfare of the world’s children.

    The Assembly suggested that Governments celebrate the day on the date that each of them deems appropriate.

    Children are the future of the nation in them the seed is sown that germinate and will bear great fruit in the country. Therefore, the important thing that their rights are respected.

    Previously in schools, companies and communities,

    activities to commemorate this day and that children will enjoy maximum. However, in these times of pandemic, we must remember that safety of the little ones cannot be crowded in public places and you must have good personal hygiene and take all sanitary measures.

    Child protection laws in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is a country that has defended the rights of children throughout of its history. The Costa Rican nation has the “Law on the rights of girls, boys and adolescents to discipline without physical punishment or treatment

    humiliating. “Assuming that the rights of minors are inviolable.

    This law also states that children and adolescents should not be seen as an extension of their parents, but as people in the process of training.

    It is important to highlight that together we must protect the childhood of minors of age from all possible angles, especially from within the family. Which plays a fundamental role in the development of a child, for receiving from it, day by day, invaluable life lessons, darling, understanding, and respect.

    Recommendations to celebrate Children’s Day at home

    In these times of pandemic, it is best not to leave home or

    expose children. It is because of them that we will mention you below some ideas for you to enjoy at home with your little ones.

    – Cook a recipe together, be it a delicious cake or some sweet in special that your little one likes.

    – Carry out some artistic activity together, be it painting a picture, make a sculpture in clay or draw pictures of the family group.

    – Play a board game as a family

    – Perform storytelling dynamics, read a book with adults or

    have them write a story to let their imagination run wild.

    – Watch a movie with the family (home theater) These recommendations can also be made any day off, to that everyone enjoy as a family and share with the little ones.

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