7 Relaxation Techniques To Sleep Well

Getting adequate rest helps you be more productive

We know that for many people going to bed is not necessarily a pleasure. This is because just before sleeping their worries increase and they cannot sleep well. That is why in this article we will teach you relaxation techniques so that you can fall asleep in a deep and restorative way.

Relaxation techniques to sleep well:

Avoid naps: In many cases, people take moments during the day to nap. However, it has been shown that this makes it difficult for you to fall asleep at night and thus suffer from insomnia.

Look for comfort: When you go to bed, use comfortable clothes. Lie down and focus on your breathing, we recommend placing your hands on the abdomen. In this way, you feel the effect of breathing on your body.
Practice mindfulness: Try to focus on the sessions you experience. If you listen to a relaxation tape, then, try to focus your attention on those sounds. By concentrating on them you get distracted from your worries, that is, disconnected from the scratched mental “disk”.
Use your imagination: The first thing you should do is close your eyes and imagine a landscape that inspires peace, a natural environment, space where you feel safe. To make it easy for you to connect with these natural images you can create a collage with green landscapes, from all seasons of the year. This is a visual anchor that helps you let your imagination fly to that space of calm. Do that visualization exercise. Imagine you are lying on the grass on a spring day. Try to recreate yourself in those feelings of calm.
Walking barefoot: Before going to sleep, we invite you to walk barefoot. During winter, you can do it on the carpet. Walking barefoot brings a pleasant feeling of freedom and well-being. But, also, the feet receive a massage effect that can produce a relaxing effect.
Self-massage: The experience of a massage is very pleasant. A massage relaxes your body and mind from the accumulated tensions. A soft massage on the temples to the sides of your head are ideal.
Mantras to sleep well: The power of language has a direct effect on your mind. For this reason, create mantras, short messages that produce well-being and peace. Here are some ideas that can serve as an example: “I feel serenity and peace,” “I am very relaxed,” “I like to live this moment of calm.”

Exercise And Sleep.
Your mind and body are activated with intense physical exercise and arriving with that adrenaline at the end of the day will not let you rest completely. This is in the case of exercises that are high impact such as CrossFit. A moderate exercise that we recommend you rather do is Yoga, with this activity you will not only relax when you practice it, but you will also feel that stress disappears as you learn to channel and overcome it.
Yoga is a low impact training routine that gives results. It develops strength, flexibility, and balance without putting pressure on the joints.

We hope that these relaxation techniques will be useful and help you have a very re-comforting sleep experience.

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