6 Paths That Lead You To Your Spirituality

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    We can all connect with our most spiritual part, you too. Just find the practice that best suits your way of being. Here are some ideas:

    1. Make a space in your life for spirituality

    To connect you need to spend time with your spirituality, even though the way may be personal. A practice inserted into daily life gives us a certain guarantee of continuity, since the connection is a process that occurs over time.

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    A good option may be to dedicate a space in the house to build a small altar. It will be the place where you can allow yourself to get in touch with your God and with your internal sacred world, with your heart. Also here you can meditate.

    Another good way is to be in contact with nature and soak up the beauty of the landscapes and the purity of the elements and beings that surround us, dedicating yourself to contemplation.

    2. Always trust your intuition

    You must do so both when deciding which path to choose and which practice is going to work best for you. Spirituality is not something that has to do with reason. Taking into account also that it is something that is within ourselves and that we all have, let this inner strength be what helps you choose the path.

    Surely you have had spiritual experiences at some time, and more likely in childhood or at peak moments of your life. You just need to recognize and validate them. Letting yourself be guided by intuition can be the first step to getting out of the rational mind.

    3. Decide To Try New Trends

    Proposals unrelated to the religious world and close to scientific facts, such as mindfulness, have recently become popular. It is a good way for those who feel far from all dogma and doctrine.

    It supposes the scientific confirmation of the goodness of the ancestral meditative practices of the mystics of all religions. Many studies show the benefits of mindfulness for our brain and our health.

    4. Look for it through your body

    The best known and most traditional form is yoga, which through postures and breathing gets practitioners to enter states of consciousness that allow connection with the spiritual. They say that the body is the expression of the soul. Through bodily practices, we can connect with spirituality.

    Any type of bodywork that releases tensions and expresses what is happening to us can help us. Tantra through sex and breathing shows a way to join the Whole. And pleasant techniques, such as certain massages, or body practices, such as authentic movement, which allow the expression of our interior, are other ways to access that part that we know exists but that has no name.

    5. Lean On An Artistic Activity

    Being able to draw or paint, whether they are mandalas – some geometric figures used in Buddhism as a form of meditation – or any other type of painting, can help us connect with our essence. Art in all its forms allows us to release what is inside us and transcend ourselves to connect with something that is beyond our ego.

    Music, with its different language, distances us from reason, and through emotions and the world it draws transports us beyond… As the journalist, Iñaki Gabilondo said in an interview: “Music transports me to where rationality stops and starts all that secret world about which you know almost nothing, but that you intuit. And I like being in this place because my world expands. It is a place that completes you as a person.”

    6. Delve into some tradition

    Some people will feel more comfortable in traditional religious and community settings. Others may prefer to learn about contributions from the East, such as Zen meditation, with sesshin (retreats) and shangas (community of practitioners), guided by confirmed masters.

    Other ways are Buddhism with its different practices, such as vipassana meditation. You can also try participating in a Sufi tradition ceremony or delve into Hinduism that practices Advaita Vedanta meditation.

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