The National Emergency Commission (CNE) today declared a green alert (preventive) for Pacific provinces (mainly Puntarenas) of Costa Rica due to heavy rains that have caused flooding and the evacuation of 495 people.

The CNE said in a statement that the alert was streamlined with the transfer of personnel to the area and opened five shelters for homeless mobilize in the province of Guanacaste (North Pacific), most of them in the canton of Santa Cruz.

In Guanacaste reported four rivers overflowing and at least 34 affected communities, in which there are 595 houses flooded and three bridges affected.

In addition, there are small communities isolated Lagarto, Marbella, Deer, Ostional and San Juanillo, all in Guanacaste, the CNE.

In the province of Puntarenas (Pacific central and south), the CNE said that three rivers overflowing, but so far no evacuees.

The National Meteorological Institute reported that the storm is caused by a low pressure system and heavy rains will remain at least until tomorrow.


The Costa Rica News (TCRN)
San José Costa Rica