5 Reasons Children Should Practice Yoga

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    Practicing yoga has been around for thousands of years as a way to bring together mind and body. This calming exercise is not just for experienced adults, but is also a great way to release tension and pressures for children in this modern, fast paced world. Here are 5 reasons for why children should include yoga in their life:

    1. Balance

    Teaching young children the simple idea of balance can go a long way in their everyday life. The focus they need to maintain a posture can aid those who struggle with attention deficits as well as help develop body awareness. Developing balance will translate into daily lives as kids learn to manage the many obstacles that life throws in the way.

    1. Increases Confidence

    Many kids struggle with the competitive nature of sports and the pressure to do well. Yoga offers an alternative way for children to stay active and healthy in a non-competitive atmosphere. This calming activity helps kids focus on their mind and builds confidence as they learn new poses and master skills.

    1. Manage Stress
      Credit: Bill Tipper

    Yoga integrates the concepts of uniting body and mind through breathing and poses. Children have the ability to become more aware of their bodies through this meditation and healthy movements in a way that will promote managing stress levels. In the busy way of life today, children can slow down and become in tune with themselves as a way to relieve pressure.

    1. Stay Active

    Obesity levels and unhealthy habits are increasingly present in the children of today’s society. Kids who do not connect with competitive sports can use yoga as an alternative to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Through yoga, children also learn how they should treat their bodies and understand how to respond to what their body needs.

    1. Teaches Discipline

    Yoga is a series of slow, drawn out poses, so children taking a class will learn how to train their mind and body to complete the exercises and to discipline themselves to strive for improvement. This idea will transfer to daily life in both the classroom and in the household.

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