2021: Year of New Opportunities for Costa Rica

    The year 2021 will be a year of challenges for the entire world; Costa Rica does not escape it

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    The current year is a “common year” beginning on a Friday in the Gregorian calendar. It is also known with the number 2021 Anno Domini, the twenty-first year of the XXI century and the III millennium. It should be noted that it is the first of the third decade of the 21st century and the second decade of 2020.

    Another significant piece of data is that this year, that is, 2021 is the year of the ox according to the Chinese horoscope. During this year humanity prepares for the development and implementation of various activities for the common global welfare.

    Among these activities, the beginning of the decade by the United Nations on the restoration of ecosystems (2021-2030) stands out, as well as the international year of the creative economy for sustainable development according to the UN, it will also be has decreed the international year of fruits and vegetables.

    On the other hand, initiatives will continue to be developed that will remain in force during these twelve months, since the UN has decreed the international year for the elimination of child labor. And finally, the UN also decrees 2021 as the international year of Peace and Trust.

    Costa Rica is again seeking to open up to tourism

    The current health situation as a result of COVID-19 in 2020 meant a blow for the tourism sector of our country. According to data provided by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ITC), Costa Rica only received a third of the visitors it was used to hosting in previous years.

    Tourist rebound in favor of the country’s recovery

    Tourism Minister Gustavo Segura announced that Costa Rica currently keeps its borders open almost entirely, to reactivate the country’s tourism sector.

    One of the essential engines for the country’s economy “each tourist who visits Costa Rica contributes to recovering the tourism sector, a process that will be gradual. Tourist visitation also activates a series of productive chains that at the same time are intertwined with the culture, agriculture, fishing, and commerce sectors, among others”, added the minister.

    Despite the restrictions and the rapid spread of the Virus, North America continues to be the main market for Costa Rica, since its territory contributed 52,027 tourists from the United States (45,641) and Canada (4,450) throughout the year, the number reached 547,466 tourists more than half of the annual total.

    According to Rodolfo Lizano, director of the ICT, a great rebound in tourists is expected for the second half of 2021. This action is due to the joint efforts of different countries to vaccinate their population, coupled with this, it is appropriate to mention the effort that world leaders make to present and educate their population about the new normal, and how to develop their lives in the way as daily as possible by taking care of their self and avoiding the spread of the Virus.

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