Large International Drug Ring Shut Down by Costa Rican Police

Large International Drug Ring Shut Down by Costa Rican PoliceThe Costa Rica News (TCRN) – The authorities in Costa Rica have announced the dismantling of the most important local drug gang in its history, which had ties to Colombia and Jamaica as suppliers of cocaine and marijuana, with Europe as an export destination.

“It is the most important organization in the history of the Costa Rican drug traffick dismantling. This group of Costa Ricans manages, controls, and finances a huge drug route to Europe,” said Attorney General, Jorge Chavarria.

In a series of 17 raids, law enforcement authorities arrested 12 members of the band, all Costa Ricans, which included two policemen and a bank officer, apparently to facilitate money laundering.

Investigations revealed that the band, led by a guy named Rivas Bonilla, alias “Pattern” or “Tito”, received cocaine in the Caribbean from Colombia and landed in the Caribbean province of Limon.

Once there, the drug was introduced in containers belonging to legitimate businesses for export shipment to Belgium.

This organization also imported marijuana of the variety “High Red” to sell in the Costa Rican market.

As explained by the authorities, two police officers were responsible for informing the organization about possible investigations, while the banker introduced the “dirty” money in the banking system.

Costa Rican Security Minister, Mario Zamora, told a press conference that the lesson in this that authorities need to strengthen internal oversight.

The official stressed that the fight against drugs has been improved for 2013 with increased fleet of 30-72 Coast Guard vessels and an increase in personnel and equipment for the Border Police. (EFE)

The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

San Jose Costa Rica

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