Attorney General Accuses Groups of Controlling Costa Rica Institutions

Costa Rica News – This week Jorge Chavarria, Attorney General for Costa Rica, reported to the judges of the Full Court that, that for past six years, there are groups that want to control various institutions in the country, so to considered giving constitutional status to the Public Ministry.

Despite the seriousness of the complaint, which says there are groups trying to control the institutions, Chavarria did not reveal names or possible action against those individuals or groups.

Chavarria said that these cases triggered a backlash “of trying to control, criticize and put obstacles to the prosecution do its job,” he said.

Chavarria submitted to the judges of the Full Court a draft constitutional status to prosecutors. The judiciary will discusses a series of reforms that it considers should be made at the corporate level and then be processed in the Legislature.

The Public Ministry reported that it is the prosecutor who has had the most obstacles affecting its function.

Chavarria was appointed Attorney General in October 2010, after leaving his office in the Vice Ministry of Security, after a series of criticism for what some described as a purely political appointment.

The controversy was exacerbated in March 2011 when it was acknowledged before a legislative committee that Chavarria interfered with the investigation against the former Minister of the Presidency Rodrigo Arias, regarding money paid for consulting the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (BCIE).

The Costa Rica News (TCRN)
San Jose Costa Rica

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